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What NMN benefits are users experiencing?

Measuring NMN Benefits

Gauging the benefits of NMN, or any supplement, medicine, or treatment regimen can be a bit tricky if done without the benefit of scientific methods and testing standards.

Treatments, and human perception itself, can be influenced by several factors. If we make changes to our diet or lifestyle routine while using a particular herb or vitamin, for example, was it the supplement that produced the perceived effects, or was it those salads?

Perhaps it was just our own mind, convinced that the supplement would produce a particular benefit. This mental ability to influence a treatment regimen's outcome is called the 'placebo effect'. The placebo effect can account for a large portion of any treatment's success or failure, which is why many research studies are designed to minimize it.

Another dynamic at play to consider is a person's perception and evaluation of a particular treatment, called 'anecdotal evidence'. Anecdotal evidence, while not considered reliable by scientists, is nonetheless a common feature of day-to-day health care. If your doctor prescribes a medicine or supplement, and then later asks, "What happened?", he or she is asking for anecdotal evidence.

Keep the placebo effect and anecdotal evidence in mind when you later read the comments from NMN customers about their experiences taking the supplement. For those still unfamiliar with NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide), it's a molecule derived from Vitamin B3 (niacin), and is a precursor to NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), a coenzyme present in most of our cells, and essential for life to exist.

Our bodies produce NAD, but less and less of it as we get older, and this diminished level of NAD is thought to be a major reason for why we age. [1,2]

Our own experience is both important and valid.

The Ayurvedic medical system of India is thousands of years old. Ayurveda utilizes natural, mostly plant-based medicine. Prior to the advent of modern science and scientific testing methods, Ayurvedic doctors based their prescriptions purely on anecdotal evidence. But it worked. Over the last 50 years, the extensive research into the efficacy of Ayurvedic medicines supports the traditional Ayurvedic, anecdotal-based beliefs and conclusions. Thus, while perhaps not being as conclusive as scientifically derived data, our own experience and perceptions are both important and valid.

Human Studies with NMN

Human testing is the gold standard in scientific research into NMN benefits.

In the case of NMN's effectiveness at boosting NAD and thereby reducing biological age, there's ample evidence from animal studies that make this connection, but human studies have not been completed, other than one initiated in Japan in 2016 that showed that NMN supplementation is safe. [3]  

Another U.S. study was begun in 2018 [4] , and Dr. David Sinclair, the eminent Harvard scientist, who is credited with having identified the crucial role that NMN and NAD have in the aging process, has sponsored his own human trials, ongoing now at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. [5] The PubMed database lists other human-based NMN studies, mostly involving human tissues (in vitro). NMN is just one of many therapies being explored today by scientists, intent on retarding the aging process. [6]

At this point, perhaps the most telling resource of information about NMN's effects on humans that we have, while not purely scientific, is the testimonials from customers who have taken NMN. It's been sold online as a food supplement for several years now, and thousands of people have taken it.  What do they have to say? Are there any common experiences; common outcomes; common perceptions? I decided to find out.

When evaluating NMN, and its potential benefits, it's important to remember that NMN is intended to retard the aging process. It's not intended to cure or treat any specific illness or disease. The aging process leads to physiological changes and chronic diseases -- but which changes, and which diseases? The answer depends on our genetic make-up, health history, environment and lifestyle.  What's our weak link?  How will improved DNA and enhanced cellular function translate within our bodies? It depends on us. So, we should expect that people who take NMN will have their own unique experiences and outcomes.

What follows is a compendium of testimonials and reviews collected from Amazon.com and other sources. They have been edited to include only content regarding health-related issues. It's important to remember that most of these reviews were written after customers had experienced NMN, only for a short time, and therefore the more long-term effects which might be expected by taking NMN were not addressed in most cases. I was careful in choosing only customers who had purchased NMN from reputable suppliers.

NMN Customers: In their Own Words

What are people saying about NMN benefits after taking the product?

bignewf93 (kidney, energy) - I have been taking this formulation of NMN for 6 months. Having had some kidney disease, since taking NMN it is reversing to where my kidney function is about 90% normal for my age-65. GFR has increased 15% ,creatinine levels, back to normal, no proteinuria. I have had 4 lab tests for these values in the last 6 months with 2 different labs to account for lab error.

The nephrologist (kidney specialist) cannot explain it, and he is skeptical of any supplementation. I explained the possibility of increased cellular function resulting in improvement of kidney function, all which is a highly probable result of rejuvenating cells with higher levels of NAD+. While he understood this supplementation could account for the improvement, physicians generally cannot endorse supplements without concrete clinical studies of their efficacy.

I will continue to take this supplement, as my overall energy levels have increased having suffering from chronic fatigue. This could have been due to the kidney disease. While I cannot prove this supplement is causing my kidney function to improve, which normally does not happen as we age, it is highly coincidental that my lab values have been steadily improving since I started taking NMN.

Patrick Rectenwald (energy, youthful look, muscle development) - My wife and I (42) have been taking this product for 6 months now. We started with 2 capsules per day 250mg and 500mg resveratrol. The effect was nice, more energy, mental clarity and both of us started looking younger. (Both of us had several coworkers tell us we looked younger, which was weird because we never talked about taking the product.) We recently in the last two months upped our dosage to 4 capsules per day 500mg nmn and 500mg resveratrol and it's a dramatic game changer. DRAMATIC! We both have extreme mental clarity, energy of a 20yr old and increased muscle mass with decreased recovery time. Highly recommend the product. A true life changer.

C.V. Compton Shaw (immunity, focus, circulation) - I have noticed some significant beneficial physical, biological, and biochemical benefits from the NMN. Included in the same is a better immune system, better general circulation, and an increase in mental acuity. The benefits from the same gradually appear over a period of time.

Amazon Customer (breathing, energy) - I use this to lessen defects I picked up in my 70 years of life. I have breathing issues from being in a fire, leading to scarred lungs and throat. It has an effect on my cough, not gone but better. Notices more energy.

Sheila Palmer (breathing) - Quick deliver. This product seems to be working. I've been taking it for more than five days and I can feel the energy. My morning stretching is much easier, I would start breathing heavily when stretching, short of breath is not as bad as before.

Jim (energy) - I take about one pill every other day, usually the days I work out at the gym. I notice a big difference in energy level. I am able to run longer without getting tired. It doesn't give you more strength, it just makes you feel less tired, giving you the ability to work out longer and harder than usual. It's up to you to take advantage of that.

Alexander H Muller (energy, pain) - After about 3 months of using 250 mg of NMN daily, I definitely feel less joint inflammation, and have more physical energy. I'm recommending this to all of my friends and family who are middle-aged or elderly and complaining about chronic pain and lower energy levels.

William James Mitchell (energy, skin) - The thing I noticed the most with this product is the energy I now have. Before I did not even want to attempt running or exercising as I walk to work. I was always tired until I started using this and my wife says my bags under eyes are gone and skin is starting to look more youthful.

Amazon Customer (energy, clarity) I've been taking this product along with resveratrol. Within a couple days I could feel an improvement in energy level and mental clarity. I'm about 3 weeks into using this product and now can definitely say it makes a difference.

Howard Heck (pain) - I have almost no cartilage in one of my knees, resulting in pain when I run. After only 3 days of taking this product, my knees felt dramatically better. Two plus weeks later, they still feel much, much better. And I have been running more frequently.

La Shawn Crane (mood, focus) - I've been using NMN for almost a month now and have noticed some changes in my mood, alertness and focus. I will definitely continue using NMN.

Bruce Holms (focus) - Usually I don't feel any effect from supplements, however -- in this case I must agree that I feel more focused.

Amazon Customer (mood, energy) - This NMN is the real deal. Very powerful. I felt results immediately. I feel healthier. I have more energy. I literally can't wait to wake up in the morning so I can take it. I highly recommend this product.

Jeffrey (energy) - I started NMN about three week to a month ago and boy do I see the benefits. Initially I thought the product wasn't working, but after the second week I started noticing that I'm able to run longer distances, I feel more energized. My sleep cycle is better and on waking I'm ready to move. I'm really loving this product and will definitely be ordering more.

David Shaw (energy, mood) - This NMN increases my physical and mental energy and facilitates a positive mood. I do take 6 capsules a day so it is pricey for me, but it can replace other supplements because it is so effective. Great product!!!

tiffany harter (energy, appetite) - After 4 days of taking 2 pills a day, I can feel myself not hungry like I was, no jitters what so ever, mental energy is wonderful. I felt less likely to just want to stay in bed.

kenneisha shaw (energy) - NMN delivers as promised. I've identified a couple welcome changes. I woke feeling more alert. After approximately two weeks I started feeling sustained energy after lunch. I'm happy to report that I breeze through my day without feeling tired. I'm a NMN girl for life.

Curtis M. (digestion, sleep, energy) - I have been taking NMN for a little over 30 days and have noticed a big improvement in my sleep and my digestive system functions. I sleep more soundly and in a deeper state and wake up feeling more refreshed in the morning and I have better energy throughout the day. It also has seemed to help my chronic digestive issues in a positive way.

Cathy Leibel (arthritis) - Very good for arthritis pain! Noticed a big difference on the 7th day.

James Obrien (energy, metabolism) - It seems to be speeding up my metabolism.  It seems to give me a great boost of energy.

Spiderman (energy) - In the month since taking this and Resveratrol daily I have not had a single afternoon nap, which was previously commonplace. I also haven't had a hangover!

Theodore Williams (energy) - After taking the product for a week, I notice a spike in my energy level. I'm feeling less fatigued.

Yvonne Holmes (energy, diet, mood) - Started seeing results after two week. Energy, my craving for sweets gradually slow to a stop. My mood is much better.

David Lovatto (vascular) - I have been using NMN for months and I noticed subtle vascular changes for the better.

john vardy (energy) - I noticed an increase in energy levels immediately.

Alfons Merkle (energy) - Great product, do feel it gives more energy/alertness.

Michael Jovanovski (sleep) - I sleep really well with this.

Nonya (clarity) - Helps me think clearer.

Duwayne Howe (alertness, energy) - I've been taking NR for almost a year now, and recently tried NMN. Hands down, NMN has noticeably outperformed the NR. My afternoon deliveries would be scary sometimes because I would be fighting back the sleepiness. Your NMN product has solved that problem for me. That's one noticeable area where it clearly does the job for me.

Ztchen (energy, sleep) - It has been 12 days since I took NMN. I had a sudden drop in energy three years ago. Poor quality of sleep. The hospital checks cerebrovascular sclerosis, the blood supply to the brain is insufficient. After eating NMN for more than 10 days, the effect was very good. Especially the quality of sleep has improved. More energy. It's amazing.

lawrence dezenzo (energy) - Good results. Youthful energy and strength.

Claudius (energy, appetite) - I have been taking NMN since October and have noticed many benefits including more energy, less fatigue, increased appetite, relief from dry eyes, etc. (I'm 66.)

Jak Flash (memory) - This product makes a noticeable difference in my ability to retain information. It is noticeable in many small ways: Where I left my reader, my keys, my phone, my wallet are less challenging. I was also taking resveratrol, but there is a noticeable improvement after adding NMN.  The results are subtle and not immediate, but rather accumulate over time. One day I noticed I could learn and remember new ballroom dance routines again.   

yogini west coast (sleep, energy) - In the first week I felt more tired but was sleeping so well I decided to see if my body just needed to catch-up. It seems that was the case. Then I started having more energy during the day and my sleep continued to improve. On NMN, my sleep is like that deep unctuous, dewy sleep of my youth which obviously helps all body functions as well as mood and cognitive functions.

Gary (energy) - I've been taking this for 3 months now. There's definitely a boost in my energy throughout the day.

Santschi Peter (cognition) - This is amazing. Most of the supplements I am taking I do not really feel any difference. It is more a matter of belief. With this it is different. I do feel an improvement in my cognitive abilities and clarity of mind.

Amazon Customer (skin, energy) - Increased energy. Face clearing up. All positive effects so far.

vivian brown (pain) - I have had back pain for years. It is getting so bad, I can barely do any physical activity. I've been taking NMN for just 3 days and I feel less pain in my back. This is amazing!!

Dave Oatway (hair, energy) - The NMN has given me increased energy with no side effects - except that my hair is now mostly brown again instead of gray! My daughter has accused me of dying my hair.

Ian Clarke (blood sugar, energy) - Since I started taking NMN, I've noticed a big difference in my energy levels, and it has help me to control my blood sugar levels.

Ernest Semerda (energy) - It's not a jolt of energy but a smooth sense of well-being and calmness.

gn (energy) - I can feel the increase of energy and am more alive after taking it. NMN is much better than NR.

Craig R Martin (energy, focus) - We switched from NR to NMN several months ago and the results were significantly better than those we received using Niagen--for both of us. NMN is the real thing, and we are thrilled to have discovered it.  We both have a greater boost in energy, cognitive function, and endurance than we did with Niagen-nicotinamide riboside.

David J Laurie (energy) - This supplement gives me energy. I have Epstein barr virus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Lyme disease. NmN makes me bionic on the treadmill or bicycle.

Anthony J Webb (strength, energy) - My energy level seems endless on some days! At the gym I could do the entire rack on the lat pull down machine and get no more than 10! 1st week on the stuff I got 13. The next week I got 15! I don't feel as much lactic acid build up while taking this! My burst training is more explosive, and I am not as tired!  Never had a supplement that got results like this! One man's anecdotal story!

Kirsty M. (energy, focus) - Since taking NMN Powder, I've had more energy and am better at staying on task. I work long hours and the advantage NMN has given me is worth it and more!

PCH Enterprises (energy) - The one unexpected thing I've noticed is that I feel very energized, almost like a rush of energy within five minutes and it last a good while.  It is a "clean energy", not a speedy feeling with tingles in the head.

Kendra B. (energy, clarity) - I love this stuff ,makes me feel more energetic and clear headed.

Digger (energy, hair) - This is the real deal. You actually feel it. It provides me with more energy. I also notice my hair and fingernails grow noticeably faster.

Austin (energy, focus) - Can feel the subtle difference in energy and mental focus throughout the day.

Eric Collette (energy) - I have more strength in the gym. I'm 54 and I need this edge.

Michael (energy, focus) - Excellent results after a few weeks. More energy, drive and focus.

Henry (energy) - I've noticed a decrease in lactic acid build up during runs, and a better recovery time between workouts. My workload hasn't changed but I am getting better sleep.

Avatarzan (clarity, mood, energy) - I have noticed a distinct and palpable positive effect since taking this product as directed.  I've enjoyed a noticeable benefit therefrom: absolutely more clarity, energy and better mood.

Joe (skin, veins) - This product is unbelievable, it cured my friend's spider veins she's had on her legs, hair - thicker and darker. 

R.L. (hair, nails, clarity) -  After a month of taking a heaping scoop of this powder, I've noticed the following:  1) - hair is growing about 1/2 an inch every 2 weeks, 2) - fingernails have to be clipped every 7 days (had been every couple of weeks), 3) - libido has improved (I'm in late 50's), 4) - energy has improved, 5) - mind appears to be "clear".

I hope these testimonials will be helpful in guiding your decision about whether NMN might be a worthwhile supplement for you to try.

"This article has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Its purpose is to provide information and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

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