Aging is something that happens to all of us, and we largely wish to halt it a best we can.

5 Best Anti-Aging Supplements to Know About

Anti-aging supplements NMN, trans-resveratrol, TMG, berberine, and pterostilbene work well individually, but when stacked together, they combat oxidative stress and increase metabolic function synergistically to enhance your healthspan. Read more

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DNA damage accumulates with age as the ability to repair DNA decreases.

Is NMN Capable of Repairing Damaged DNA?

DNA damage accelerates aging and chronic disease development. In mice, supplemental NMN boosted NAD+ levels, allowing for the DNA repair protein PARP1 to be fully functioning and reduce this damage, which may improve health and... Read more

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NMN and NR are precursors to the coenzyme NAD+.

New NR Research: How Does it Compare to NMN?

While both NMN and NR are precursors to NAD+, recent research has downplayed the benefits of NMN. NMN has been shown to be safe for human use and has several health and longevity-promoting outcomes in... Read more

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NMN is important for overall health and promoting longevity.

A Look at NMN: The Basics, Benefits, and Recent Research

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a precursor to NAD, a coenzyme that declines with age and is needed for healthy aging. NMN supplements can increase longevity, improve cognition, metabolic markers, reproductive health, as well as reduce... Read more

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Pterostilbene uniquely supports energy, brain health, and more.

Top Reasons Pterostilbene Might be Right for You

The benefits of pterostilbene suggest it may be one of the most potent anti-aging nutrients on the planet. It occurs naturally in berries, especially blueberries. In the field of anti-aging, it has scientists and the... Read more

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