time-restricted eating, a form of intermittent fasting, has many health benefits

Time-Restricted Eating: Why You Should Try It

A version of intermittent fasting, time-restricted eating shortens the eating window to 6 -10 hours per day. The fasting period is linked to improvements in blood sugar, heart health, brain health, and longevity. Recent research...

Maintaining a healthy heart is essential.  What are the best supplements for heart health?

Your Four Best Supplements for Heart Health

Many of us seek the best supplements for heart health, because cardiovascular disease is our number one killer. Many supplements have been touted as being supportive to heart health. But we dug deep and discovered...

Do you have any supplements for brain fog?

Supplements For Brain Fog

Are supplements for brain fog effective?  And what are the best supplements for brain fog?  'Brain fog' is a common term used by many to describe a collection of symptoms including memory-lapse, confusion, lack of...

The best supplements for men over 40 are those that address the changes in our biochemistry.

The Best Supplements for Men over 40

The best supplements for men over 40 are those that have the best chance to help counteract the inevitable biochemical and physiological changes that happen as we get older. Here, we examine supplements that might...

How do long-held beliefs about herbs for brain health stand up against scientific scrutiny?

Herbs For Brain Health

Are there herbs for brain health? We looked at four herbs, traditionally believed to enhance cognitive function. Then we compared traditional beliefs with scientific research to see if they agreed.