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Rich Carson
ProHealth Founder Rich Carson

ProHealth has been helping people get healthier since 1988. Now, our new site, ProHealth Longevity, is focused on adding more healthy years to your life. We're doing this in three ways:

  1. We offer you the most current research on effective anti-aging molecules, health restoring and protecting nutrients, medical procedures and lifestyle choices (See our blog).

  2. We’ve been making some of the highest quality supplements in the industry for 33 years, and many of our products have received the vaulted "Amazon Choice" award as "best product" in their category. Our products contain only the finest raw materials and meet rigorous standards of purity and potency. They are manufactured in state-of-the-art, FDA registered facilities under tight environmental and quality controls. (Check our deals of the week).

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ProHealth Longevity


The people at ProHealth have worked hard to make us among the most trusted brands in the supplement industry.

And it’s paid off:

  • We've served over one million customers over our 33-year history.

  • We have more than 370,000 email subscribers for our Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, and Lyme disease newsletters.

  • We've earned more than 600,000 Facebook likes on our disease pages - the most liked Facebook pages for each of the three diseases we cover.

  • We've raised over $4,000,000 for medical research and patient advocacy for ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease. I was the leading fundraiser for ME/CFS research for almost a decade.

I founded ProHealth in 1988 with the goal of helping improve the lives of people suffering with chronic diseases. Now ProHealth Longevity is a natural extension of all the work we’ve done with chronic disease - because chronic disease is the reason death occurs. We don’t die from old age; we die from the deterioration of our bodies that leads to disease.




Now you CAN push back against the aging process and live a longer, more youthful life! ProHealth Longevity can help.

Longevity science has made great strides in recent years. For instance, you can now:

  • Renew your cellular function and gain years of vitality with our NAD+ precursor, NMN and PQQ.

  • Reduce the chronic inflammation and arthritis that prematurely ages us with our Optimized Curcumin line.

  • Improve cardiovascular function - remember, heart disease is the world’s #1 killer - with MitoQ, Hydroxytyrosol and CoQ10.

ProHealth Vitamins and Supplements


The bottom line is that to prolong a healthy, vibrant life, you need reliable information and supplements that work.

Providing those for you is ProHealth Longevity’s mission!

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I wish you a long and happy life. Thanks for visiting ProHealth Longevity.

Rich Carson

 Rich Carson

P.S.  If you'd like to know more about ProHealth and our philosophy on aging, read this.