NMN Supplement Reviews

Read verified customer reviews for NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) and NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) supplements, including capsules, tablets, sublingual and powder formats. Discover the NMN supplements that receive the best ratings and reviews. Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a derivative of the B-vitamin niacin that dramatically improves health and longevity by serving as a precursor to NAD+, a compound that plays a crucial role in energy production, metabolism, and gene expression in the body.


"Best Powder on the Market"

"I'm here because of David Sinclair."

- Christopher M. on 5/12/19 for NMN Pro Powder 3-Pack (15 grams per jar) by ProHealth



"I Sleep Better, Wake Up Earlier"

"So far so good. Since I have been taking NMN powder I sleep better, wake up earlier and more alert with energy to start my day."

- Gary B. on 4/29/19 for NMN Pro Powder (15 grams) by ProHealth



"Seems to Give Me More Energy"

"Seems to give me more energy in my role at work n play. Also is almost 100% pure and is great value plus good long term. I say 5 stars! Cheers, Andrew From Australia."

- Andrew G. on 4/24/19 for NMN Pro 3-Pack (150 mg, 60 capsules per bottle) by ProHealth



"NMN Water is the Way to Go"

"I've been taking this product by putting 2-3 scoops in water and sipping the water over an hour period. I've found that this method seems to give me much better results than dissolving the powder under my tongue. I highly recommend NMN water, it is definitely worth giving a try."

- Anonymous on 4/18/19 for NMN Pro Powder (15 grams) by ProHealth


"I Recover Quicker from Training and Have Improved Focus"

"I have been taking NMN Pro for almost a month now. Using acid resistant capsules that empty the NMN into the small intestine is an innovative approach. With the recent discovery of the NMN transporter in the small intestine, this product provides the most effective delivery method available. I have more energy, recover quicker from training, and have improved focus. Can't wait to see how long term use continues to optimize my health."

- Anonymous on 4/16/19 for NMN Pro (150 mg, 60 Capsules) by ProHealth



"NMN Does Help Keep You Younger"

"Since taking NMN and earlier NR I have observed that I do feel younger as the research suggests. I am a bit confused as to whether it is better to take it via capsules or lozenges which are not currently available."

- David F. on 4/16/19 for NMN Pro 2-Pack (150 mg, 60 capsules per bottle) by ProHealth



"Experiences After Taking NMN Pro for Two Months"

"My wife and I have taken 4 capsules of NMN Pro every day for more than two months. I am 51 years old and my wife is 44 years old this year.

My own experience is that the time and depth of sleep started 2 weeks after taking NMN Pro increased, feeling more energetic than before, facial wrinkles slightly lighter, my wife's weight is seriously exceeded, before she was going 200-300 steps are very difficult, now she insists on walking 15,000-20000 steps every day, her waist circumference is significantly reduced.

We will continue to take NMN Pro and share our further experience here. Thanks for the warmhearted service from ProHealth."

- Yu S. on 4/16/19 for NMN Pro 3-Pack (150 mg, 60 capsules per bottle) by ProHealth



"NMN - The Answer"

"This product is of high quality and has helped with my energy levels and has reduced inflammation in my fingers."

- Graham M. on 4/16/19 for NMN Pro Powder 3-Pack (15 grams per jar) by ProHealth



"Auto-immune Help. So Far, So Good."

"Taking 250 mg sublingually. Overall, I don't get groggy in the mid-afternoon/post lunch time frame like before. I work a graveyard shift and no longer nod off during the quiet times. More astoundingly, my wife suffers from an autoimmune disease (post knee surgery, ~3.5 years ago) that is debilitating without daily prednisone tablets.

She began taking NMN tablets (150 mg twice daily) and, within days, began vomiting the prednisone pills on a daily basis. Never happened before. She consulted with her rheumatologist. He suggested that she stop the prednisone for a week. She has never been able to even skip a daily dose before.

One week in and she feels great. Daily gym workouts, more energy, no pain...oh, yeah! No direct connection, we know, merely coincidental, but NOTHING has ever helped beyond 24 hours. This includes a very healthy diet regimen and other, harsher, anti-inflammatory drugs. Here's to hoping the pain-free life continues."

- Mark on 4/16/19 for NMN Pro (150 mg, 60 Capsules) by ProHealth



"Very Impressed - This Product is Really Ahead of the Curve"

"This product is really ahead of the curve. Extending the release of NMN in the small intestine makes this product bioavailable at the site of the highest level of NMN transporters in the body. The dose being double that of any other products also makes this a tremendously effective product. I didn't notice much difference at low doses in the past, but taking two extended release tablets per day has been eye opening. More energy, restorative sleep, reduce muscle soreness after workouts, and longer concentration during work hours are some of the benefits I have experienced."

- Anonymous on 4/16/19 for NMN Pro 250 Extended Release (250 mg, 30 tablets) by ProHealth



"Surprising Benefits"

"Heard about this supplement from David Sinclair and was very interested in trying for Endurance and Cognitive enhancement. Have been taking the NMN once every night for almost two weeks now. Being someone who is 24 years old, I was not sure how this would effect me or if I would notice anything. However upon waking up each morning I have been feeling full of energy! usually I will want to hit the snooze on the alarm and sleep in as late as I can. With the NMN I wake up ready to attack the day and get as much as I can done. Being a student I think the NMN has also helped with strenuous study hours, as I am able to review material and retain information without needing to take as many breaks. Overall this supplement has me feeling great daily and I will continue to use it and recommend to all of my family."

- Nick on 4/10/19 for NMN Pro (150 mg, 60 Capsules) by ProHealth



"More Energy, Better Sleep"

"I am very impressed with the NMN Pro capsules. I have been taking these for about 15 days now and I can feel an increase in my overall energy levels. From my experience, NMN provides a much more noticeable impact on energy and focus when compared to Niagen. I took Niagen for several months without much effect and with the hopes I was gaining benefits on a cellular level. NMN you can actually feel an increase in energy and cognitive function, which really helps to justify the monthly spend. I am also experiencing deeper more restorative sleep. This is something that I felt using Niagen as well, but it is more pronounced with NMN."

- Anonymous on 2/27/19 for NMN Pro (150 mg, 60 Capsules) by ProHealth



"Improved Energy and Focus"

"I have been taking 500mg of sublingual NMN daily and have noticed a significant increase in energy and focus. It took 4 or 5 days to fully feel the effects of this product, but once it starts working there is no doubt my energy levels and focus have improved. David Sinclair is taking 1gram of this a day and I intend on increasing my dose to 1 gram as well. ProHealth makes taking high levels of NMN possible without breaking the bank."

- Anonymous on 2/05/19 for NMN Pro Powder (15 grams) by ProHealth